Confidence in the trusted cloud

Get the same comprehensive security, privacy, compliance, and intellectual property protections that 95 percent of Fortune 500 businesses, governments, and startups that run on the Microsoft Cloud have today.


Streamline compliance and transform your business

Help ensure you’re compliant with industry-specific standards by taking advantage of the certifications offered by the Microsoft Cloud—the platform with the most comprehensive compliance portfolio of any cloud provider. Simplify your organization’s compliance with offerings that provide built-in controls, configuration management tools, and implementation and guidance resources. Use third-party audit reports to verify that your cloud assets adhere to the strict security controls that industry and government standards mandate

Strengthen your security with Cloud 7

Reduce your security costs and safeguard your data by hosting your infrastructure and your apps on Microsoft Azure, the cloud foundation that delivers state-of-the-art security. Take advantage of built-in security controls including identity management, and easily identify and respond to threats with the real-time threat detection provided by Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.


Inspire trust and enable innovation

Win your customers’ trust by allowing them to own and control their data with built-in privacy controls on a platform that adheres to some of the industry’s strictest privacy standards. Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze customer trends and sentiment. Gain insights to drive your business forward by developing groundbreaking solutions that rely on cloud technology, including artificial intelligence, to analyze sensitive customer data. And, successfully meet regulatory requirements and responsibly manage your data with the tools and guidance with Cloud 7.

Develop with confidence

Build data-resilient applications with high availability, disaster recovery, and data backup services from Cloud 7. Develop comprehensive business continuity solutions, keep your applications up and running, and create a resilient and reliable environment faster.

Protect your innovations

Get best-in-class protection for your intellectual property with the Microsoft Cloud. Protect your business and digital assets from patent lawsuits with access to 10,000 Microsoft patents, and reduce your risk with an uncapped indemnification for Azure services and the open-source software that powers them.